Tara retreat hut

The symbolism of the Green Tara:
Green Tara is the energy of the compassionate wisdom action of all awaken beings. The colour green symbolizes the air element and indicates her quick response when she hears our call. The symbolism of the legs tells us that, although Tara is completely free of all the imperfections of samsara, she remains in samsara in order to help suffering beings

With the right hand in the mudra of supreme generosity, she confers ordinary and sublime powers until the realization of the enlightened mind.

Her left hand is in the mudra of refuge, with the index finger and thumb touching, indicating the union of skilful means and wisdom.

She holds a lotus flower symbolizing that all the qualities of a realized being have flourished in her.

Her charm and beauty revel that she is the Mother of all Budhas and that her compassion for all beings is uninterrupted.

Her straight back means that her meditation is similar to a diamond that never gets troubled.

The moon behind her, symbolizes abundance of inexhaustible happiness.

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