Oseling History


“Our own life has to be our message.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

O Sel Ling retreat centre was founded by 1980 by the Tibetan Lamas, Ven Lama Yeshe and Ven Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Both follow the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism whose maximum representative is His Holiness the Fourteen Dalai Lama who visit the centre in 1982 and gave it its name which means “The place of clear light”.

From its foundation, O Sel Ling has welcomed hundreds of people, meditators and pilgrims alike, this would not have been possible without the collaboration of all the teachers that have given precious teachings, the inestimable help of all volunteers that have worked at the centre at different times and the people that took on the great responsibility of building up the centre from the very beginning: Paco Hita, Maria Torres y François Lemus.

The early days of O Sel Ling, according to Paco Hita,Ösel’s father:

…There were only two rooms with a roof, one of them at the north side, where the main kitchen is situated nowadays. The roof was less than one and a half meters high and had been used as rabbit hutches. There were small rectangular boxes made of cement, a palm high with various entrances and exits along the sides throughout the length and width of the room so that the rabbits could move around feeling safe.

The floor, paved with stones embedded in the ground, impeccably preserved. The rickety plank door, tied with wires and without bolts, was hardly supported, but it did its service to prevent cows, goats and swarming pastures from entering.

…Well, and now what? I rarely gave much detailed thought to the activities to be carried out. I had some intuition, strength and determination, but it was unusual for me to plan beforehand any project in the short or long term. My initiatives in group were scarce because, even though my ideas were continuously flowing, I found hard to put them into words.

Now, I was there alone, in an isolated place, unknown and uncomfortable, without anyone ́s influence to guide me to follow a plan. The only thing left to do was to relax, be calm and to take in the atmosphere of that place so that my genuine creativity could flow and work could begin. Thanks to the meditation courses and the retreats I was able to achieve some concentration in my mind with the continuous practice in the mornings and evenings. Before each session, I prayed to my teacher, Lama Yeshe to help me and inspire me to fulfil his holy wishes…


Maria, mother and author of an inspiring biography: “Sobre la cola del cometa Ösel, memorias de la madre de un lama reencarnado”.

This biography has been written by someone who has lived not just in a spiritual way but also in her own body, the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism to the West. The meeting of this author with Buddhism was the beginning of an adventure: that of a woman that didn´t accept to renounce the era she belonged to, to satisfy her spiritual aspirations. Mother of 8 children, of active and independent nature, Maria Torres goes through the ups and downs of her unique destiny with authentic and human passion.

The situation of her son Ösel placed her at the crossroads of two worlds, of two radically opposed cultures that Ösel will have to assimilate simultaneously to become a lama of the 21st century.

For more information: https://www.mariatorrescrespo.com/index.htm