Group Retreats


“What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do from now on”


O Sel Ling regularly offers group courses and retreats lead by qualified teachers in a tranquil setting. The centre has 3 dorms, a dining room with a wooden stove, 2 meditation halls, a well stocked library, a tea shop and plenty of space to relax, walk in nature or simply admire the spectacular views.

Helping out during your stay

In group retreats participants are asked to help a bit in the running of the centre and its activities (this is called Karma-yoga)


Our courses have a limited number of places, so it ́s advisable to book in advance, to secure the booking we ask for a deposit of 50€, the rest is payable on arrival at the centre.


Similarly to the solitary retreat bookings, it ́s also possible to get a refund of the deposit as along as we are notified at least 2 weeks in advance.