“If you want to be happy, you have to check the way you lead your life; your mind
is your religion.”

Lama Thubten Yeshe

When we perform selfless actions and offer service to others, we purify selfishness and open our hearts to love everyone unconditionally. We allow ourselves to express, in a natural way, through body, speech and mind, the generosity, kindness and gratitude that exists in ALL OF US.

Practising ALTRUISM is an experience of empathy and exchange, an opportunity to share the best of ourselves with ourselves and with ALL BEINGS.

Volunteering at O Sel Ling is a two-way journey, a mutual act of giving and receiving, all people residing in a Dharma centre agree to respect the following ethical and moral principles, known in Buddhist philosophy as the 5 basic precepts:

  • Respect all life: do not intentionally kill any living being, even small insects.
  • Respect others’ property: do not steal or take anything not freely given.
  • Be honest and straightforward: do not lie or intentionally deceive others.
  • Avoid intoxicants such as alcohol and drugs since they cause confusion in the mind.
  • Avoid any sexual misconduct that could damage already established relationships.

«In case of non-compliance, some necessary deemed measures might be taken»

To maintain a healthy coexistence in community, it is important to keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Taking care of each other, respecting the place, generating an atmosphere of trust and respect, considering the centre and other common spaces as a shared home, co-existing with various personalities, being responsible for our actions, showing a flexible mental attitude to changing situations, practising non-violent communication, adapting to the schedule of the centre, show a cheerful and enthusiastic attitude when carrying out the working activities and many others that we will learn from experience.


The minimum stay is 15 days, the maximum three months.

The trial period is one week, after this period, both parties meet to exchange experiences and see the possibility of extending the stay.

Volunteers have their own individual rooms and live in community, they can attend the teachings and group practices as long as this does not interfere with their tasks.

Volunteering timetable:

  • Six hours of work per day, six days a week.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in community.
  • Personal time.

To volunteer at O Sel Ling, please contact us at this address: oficina@oseling.com and fill in the form we send.

We accept volunteers according to the needs of the centre.

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